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Salve Sodales!

Welcome to the home page for Saint Nerius, an Ars Magica covenant set in Normandy beginning in 1198. It ran for just a few months beginning in January 1991, but laid some groundwork which was used in the later Italy Saga, which ran for over two years. Below are links to the logs of the scant runs.

Saint Nerius is a covenant founded in the middle of a monastery in Normandy that tried to better ties between the church and the Order. As was later learned in the Italy Saga, it failed.

Table of Contents:

Log #1 - The Founding
Log #2 - The Fay Forest, Part I
Log #3 - The Fay Forest, Part II
Log #4 - The Middle Marches
Log #5 - Wdenec
Log #6 - Ignigena, Part I
Log #7 - Ignigena, Part II
Log #8 - Ignigena, Part III
Log #9 - The Revenge of the Rose

Several of the plot lines from Saint Nerius were picked up in the later Italy Saga. Wdenec reappears (as Tristus), the Middle Marches are seen again, and a number of characters return.