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Salve Sodales!

Welcome to the home page for Nature's Teeth, an Ars Magica covenant set in Novgorod beginning in 1201. It ran for somewhere near a year beginning in Summer 1993 and sadly eventually stopped (rather than ending), primarily due to the fact that we'd had an Ars Magica game of some flavor running since Fall 1989. Below are links to logs of the first 26 weeks of the Nature's Teeth saga, all in plain text. It ran several months longer, but those adventures were never chronicled. Still, the extant logs should provide lots of enjoyable adventure ideas and numerous personalities for a Novgorod campaign. (You may also wish to take a look at The Prospectus Locus Saga, set in the same universe about 9 years later, though in a faraway land.)

Nature's Teeth is a covenant founded on a small island in the Baltic in 1201. There is a great magical castle set in the middle of island, but it is sealed by ancient magics. The campaign had two main focuses: discovering a set of seven gems which would unlock the doors to the fortress and dealing with the Order of Odin which was so dangerously nearby.

Table of Contents:

Log #1 - A Stormy Arrival
Log #2 - Trolling for Vis
Log #3 - A Ghostly Interlude
Log #4 - An Orderly Meeting
Log #5 - The Travels of Felix and Adriana
Log #6 - The Cave of Runes
Log #7 - Visitors
Log #8 - A Farewell to Baxholm
Log #9 - Vengeance in Malmo
Log #10 - Day of the Chicken
Log #11 - Heart of Amber
Log #12 - Lair of the Ice Worm
Log #13 - Hunt for the Hidden Valley
Log #14 - War with the Wyrm
Log #15 - Fractured Faerie Tales
Log #16 - Blind King's Mask
Log #17 - The Man Behind the Mask
Log #18 - Visitors II
Log #19 - The Old Troll Under the Sea
Log #20 - Preparations for War
Log #21 - Battle in Njur
Log #22 - Return to Stockholm
Log #23 - The Icelandic Free State
Log #24 - The Merchant of the Killing Beasts
Log #25 - The Hero with Seven Faces
Log #26 - Visitors III