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The Book of Drastic Resolutions #1-3. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1996-1998. The Book of Drastic Resolutions, produced by Stephen Martin, who also edited the RuneQuest supplement Lords of Terror, was originally seen as a place to collect much of the information that did not fit into the Avalon Hill book. Thus, the first issue (labelled volume chaos), was filled with blasphemous writings about Dorastor, and the cults of the dark land. Afterward, though, The Book of Drastic Resolutions became a regular publication, making it the fifth RuneQuest fanzine.

Codex #1-3. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1994-1995. Codex, the third of the RQ fanzines, was first published in January of 1994, at RQ-Con 1. The first three issues are of high quality, possessing good layout and interesting articles. for a while after the publication of the third issue of Codex, word of a fourth issue would circulate, but it now appears that the magazine's run is complete.

Hearts in Glorantha #1-7. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

2008-2020. Newt Newport's Hearts in Glorantha was the most long-lived of the modern magazines. It's hey day was between 2008 and 2012, when it published five issues. It learned returned for two final publications around the date of its 10th anniversary. The 'zine was officially canclled in 2020, in large part because Newport had moved on to other things, including his own OpenQuest game system.

Heroes #1-10. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1984-1986. Heroes was a short-lived magazine published by Avalon Hill beginning in 1984. At the time Avalon Hill was trying to expand into the role-playing industry through the publication of four games: James Bond 007, Lords of Creation, Powers & Perils, and RuneQuest. The original editor, William E. Peschel, produced a magazine that was occasionally useful. He left after the seventh issue, and was replaced by Richard Snider, the creator of Powers & Perils. Content and Layout both deteriorated at that point. Ultimately, Avalon Hill's RPG experiment was an unsuccessful one, and Heroes lasted only a few years. The tenth and final issue (labeled Volume II, Number 4) was published in 1986.

New Lolon Gospel #1-2. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1995-1996. The New Lolon Gospel is the fourth(!) RuneQuest fanzine. It centers around the Gloranthan Kingdom of Imther, and is written primarily by Harald Smith. The New Lolon Gospel was first released at RuneQuest-Con 2 and was originally planned to be yearly, but only two issues were ever printed.

Pavic Tales. No Index.

1987-1989. Think Tales of the Reaching Moon was the first British publication to sport the title "The RuneQuest Fanzine"? Think again. Over a span of three years, a group of dedicated Brits (Butch & Jim & Mark) put out nine issues of Pavic Tales, the oldest and rarest of the RQ fanzines. Mostly digest sized. Lots of Cults & scenarios. Centered around Pavis. Tongue firmly in cheek. The last issue of Pavic Tales was published in Spring 1989 while the first issue of Tales of the Reaching Moon debuted in Summer 1989. Coincidence?

RQ Adventures #1-6. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1993-1998. In early 1993, John Castellucci began distributing printed copies of Escape from Duckland. This was the immediate precursor to RuneQuest Adventures. The first actual issue of RuneQuest Adventures saw print in Summer of 1993. A 32 page zine, it presented Escape from Duckland once more. Up to issue 5, RuneQuest Adventures was published on somewhat less then a quarterly basis. Between issues 5 and 6 there was a considerable hiatus. #6 is the last issue of RQA. There was some talk of reviving the magazine as Hero Wars Adventures after the release of the new game, but this this has not happened to date.

Tales of the Reaching Moon #1-20. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1989-2003. In the Summer of 1989, David Hall, Brian Duguid and Matthew Tudor published the first issue of the British RQ fanzine, Tales of the Reaching Moon. It was clearly a fanzine, somewhat amateur, but full of lots of fun Gloranthan material. The layout and content of Tales of the Reaching Moon improved after issue one, and shortly it became an international magazine. Issue 4 was produced in Australia, and currently ToTRM is easily available in all of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. The later issues of Tales of the Reaching Moon are of very high quality. Starting with issue #12, ToTRM has been covered with beautiful full-color artwork. Tales came to a planned end with #20, after an amazingly lengthy run for a fan publication.

Tradetalk #1-17. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1996-2009. Quite simply, TradeTalk is the sixth(!) of the modern Gloranthan fanzines. It first appeared in the Summer of 1996. The first issue, which was subtitled "Broos in the East" was mostly translated reprints from Free INT, a German language magazine dedicated to the sundry Chaosium games. However, with the second issue Free INT transformed itself, becoming instead the magazine of the international Chaos Society. Beginning with issue 2, published early in 1997, TradeTalk was filled with new material and promised a regular schedule, with the hopeful goal of three issues per year. There was a long delay between #5 and #6, but Tradetalk seems to be on schedule again.

The Unspoken Word. No Index.

2001-Present. The RuneQuest fanzine world saw a huge surge in the mid 1990s thanks to the RuneQuest Renaissance then going on at Avalon Hill. Between 1995 & 1998 many of those fanzines died, as Avalon Hill support (again) dried up and a new game, Hero Wars, was announced. The Unspoken Word was the first fanzine to follow that period, with its entire run dedicated to the new Glorantha game. The entire run has been dedicated to singular topics, and indeed after #2, the fanzine stopped calling itself a 'zine; instead we have independent books such Uz, In Wintertop's Shadow, and Sons of Kargzant.

Wyrm's Footnotes #1-15. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1976-2012. Wyrm's Footnotes began publishing in 1976. Originally, it was a magazine that supported White Bear & Red Moon and other early Chaosium Board Games. Soon, however, it had become a forum for the discussion of Glorantha, and Chaosium's first role-playing game, RuneQuest. By issue 11, Wyrm's Footnotes officially became The RuneQuest Magazine. Wyrm's Footnotes ended publication with issue 14, though it was followed by the one-shot RuneQuest Companion. In 1995, Wyrms Footprints was released. It was compiled by Reaching Moon Megacorp, and distributed by Chaosium. It contains reprints of many old Wyrm's Footnotes articles, some of them newly annotated or expanded. It addition, they was a small amount of new material in that volume.

Ye Booke of Tentacles #1-6. Complete run. [ Download the Index ... ]

1998-2006. Ye Booke of Tentacles was the fund-raiser book for the German Tentacles conventions that run from 1996-2009. It was produced by the German RQ Society, sometimes branded as Tentacles Press or The Chaos Society, and thus is a close cousin to Tradetalk. The magazine was generally large for a fanzine, with all the issues square-bound and some running more than 100 pages. Although RuneQuest, Hero Wars, and Glorantha got the most attention, Ye Booke of Tentacles was very much a magazine for all of Chaosium's games, with Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer in particular getting a lot of attention as well.

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