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Wyrm's Footnotes: 1976-1982+
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Wyrm's Footnotes was Chaosium's premiere magazine, originally focused on White Bear and Red Moon (1975), but by the end of its first run had become the magazine for RuneQuest (1978). This index is thus primarily focused on Gloranthan games from Chaosium, but there's also a bit of attention to their other early releases such as Elric (1977), King Arthur's Knights (1978), and Troy (1977).

A number of additional publications have returned to Wyrm's Footnotes over the years, including the RuneQuest Companion (1983), Wyrms Footprints (1995), and even a 15th issue of the magazine, published decades after the rest of the run (2012). This index covers all of them.

Publisher: Chaosium
Type: Magazine
Issues: #1-15

Locale: USA (California)
Debut: 1976

Ye Booke of Tentacles: 1998-2006
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Ye Booke of Tentacles was created by the German RQ Society as a fundraiser for the Tentacles over Bacharach convention in 1998. It was revived in five more incarnations through 2006 and also spun off the Pavis & Big Rubble Companions. Though YBoT's biggest focus was on Glorantha, it offered notable support for all of Chaosium's games, especially Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer.

YBoT has been succeeded by the Kraken Chapbooks, which are the newest fundraisers for what's now The Kraken gaming retreat.

Publisher: RQ Society
Type: Fundraiser
Issues: #1-6

Locale: Germany
Debut: Early 1998

🕯️ Call of Cthulhu 'Zines

Bayt al Azif: 2018-Present
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Bayt al Azif is a yearly-or-so periodical that covers all of Lovecraftian gaming, with Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu getting the most attention. It's released under Chaosium's Small Publisher Limited License, but nonetheless if a fully professional magazine. Its annual publication schedule has made it one of the best places to find out about what was published for Lovecraftian games each year.

Publisher: Bayt al Azif
Type: Magazine
Issues: #1-5

Locale: Online
Debut: October 2018

🌀 Glorantha 'Zines

Tales of the Reaching Moon: 1989-2003
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Tales of the Reaching Moon was the most important 'zine in Glorantha fandom. Though it started off modestly as a fairly typical fanzine, by the end of its run it had become a fully professional magazine. More importantly, Tales of the Reaching Moon carried the torch for RuneQuest and Glorantha in a period when the game was either not in print or might as well have been unavailable. A half-dozen or so other fanzines continued directly in its footsteps.

In the modern-day, Tales of the Reaching Moon has taken over the world: many of the current owners of Chaosium came up through the ranks of ToTRM, with Rick Meints transforming his work on the 'zine into Moon Design Publishing, and later the presidency of Chaosium.

Publisher: Reaching Moon
Type: Fanzine
Issues: #1-20

Locale: UK
Debut: Summer 1989

Tradetalk: 1996-2009
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Tradetalk was the sixth magazine to arise during the great Reaching Moon RuneQuest revival of the early '90s, but it would be the most long-lived besides Tales of the Reaching Moon itself. It was created by the RQ Society, the same German organization who would later produce Ye Booke of Tentacles and it came in the wake of their German-language 'zine, Free INT. The first issue, which was subtitled "Broos in the East", was mostly translated reprints from Free INT. However, with the second issue Tradetalk transformed itself, and became filled with new material.

Free INT was theoretically a magazine for all of Chaosium's games in the first half of its runs, but there was never more than one article on other Chaosium gaming systems.

Publisher: RQ Society
Type: Fanzine
Issues: #1-17

Locale: Germany
Debut: Summer 1996

👑 Pendragon 'Zines

Beaumains: 1993-1996
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Beaumains was founded in 1993 during the Golden Age of Chaosium fanzine production, but it was a rarity, focused on Pendragon rather than the Glorantha focus that so many 'zines of the era enjoyed. The magazine was available in the UK for its first few issues, then moved into the United States courtesy of Wizard's Attic. Though the magazine was released across the runs of Pendragon 3e and Pendragon 4e, it remains generally applicable to the Pendragon RPG of any version.

Publisher: Taupe Games
Type: Fanzine
Issues: #1-6

Locale: UK
Debut: Early 1993

🌀 Unconverted Glorantha Indexes

Various: 1984-2020

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